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Treating Infections without Antibiotics - Free Access to Videos for 72 Hours - The Approaching Day PrepperThe Approaching Day Prepper

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Sorry, folks, for not posting about this 72-hour free access to Marjorie Wildcraft’s Treating Infections without Antibiotics videos. The 72 hours started this morning.

I’ve started watching them and they’re very good. Why should you care about the topic? Consider this fact:

According to the CDC, at least 2,049,442 people become ill with antibiotic resistant infections in the U.S. each year.)

Marjory Wildcraft, of the GROW Network (a GREAT gardening source), is offering her 10-part training “Treating Infections Without Antibiotics” for FREE for 72 hours (a $27 value). Here’s the link:

If you’re interested but can’t get to it in the next 72 hours, you can purchase the digital program here: https://wdf87122.isrefer.com/go/aq/sandyhov/ (Yes, it is an affiliate link – we will get a small commission on your purchase, but it doesn’t in any way affect the price you pay for the program.) The link will take you to a very interesting quiz, but you can bypass the quiz if you like by clicking on “Learn More”.


4 Responses to Treating Infections without Antibiotics – Free Access to Videos for 72 Hours

  • stephen48739 says:

    My wife & I have started to make preparations. Lord willing, we will have enough. I had cancer last year, yet, I never felt afraid. God comforts me. God put it on Noah’s heart to prepare. God has done the same with you & your husband. Me? This is what God has put on my heart about keeping an excessive amount of food: Matthew 6: 26.

    • Thank you for comment on our blog. I’m happy to hear that you are starting to make preparations. Making preparations is every bit as wise as having money saved for an emergency. In response to your decision to not stockpile what you consider to be an excessive amount of food, I have a couple of responses to that. First, not everyone will be able or willing to prepare in every way possible. Some people prep with food, some people prep with gold coins, some people prep with guns, some people prep with hand tools and sheets of plywood. I believe that everyone should follow God’s guidance in how they prepare. Second, the reason why some people over-prepare with food and basic supplies is because they want to be able to help others who are in need. Whatever your decisions, I pray that God blesses and protects you and your family.

  • John D. says:

    I just randomly came across your blog through another websites roundup article where yours was linked. First article instantly caught my attention.

    Looking forward to learning about treating infections without antibiotics. During a disaster, there will definitely be a lack of access to medical professionals, antibiotics, and there will be an abundance of injured people.

  • Xakariah King says:

    the link i followed to watch said the youtube account had been terminated, is it possible to make a google drive link that u can send me pls?

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