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My First Survival Gun

One of my first steps into prepping was the purchase of a handgun for home defense. Then, for me, step two was a rifle.   >>Please read more here

Dry Fire Training

This blog isn’t about building a fire in the rain. It’s all about keeping your gun firing skills current! Dry firing is when you go through the motions of firing your gun, but with no ammo in it. It CAN be VERY dangerous if proper safety precautions aren’t in place.    >>Please read more here

My Search for the Perfect First Reloading Press

There are a lot of good presses made by lot of good brands. Each of them has the potential to be the absolute best option for someone. I present this article to you because there are a lot of people in the same place I find myself in — relatively new shooters with no previous reloading experience who have come to the conclusion that reloading is a valuable skill for a prepper to have. Making the right choice about where to jump into the reloading craft is an important decision.    >>Read more here

The Approaching Day Prepper Six Rules of Gun Safety

There are four rules of gun safety that are universally taught. You’ll find them on every reputable gun blog. Before I discuss those four, there are two I’d like to add.    >>Learn more here

A Minister of the Gospel Wrestles with the Concept of Using Lethal Force in Self Defense

What does the Bible have to say about self defense? Could I use lethal force with a clear conscience?

>>Learn more here

Ammo Reloading Presses for Beginners

Reloading presses come in three basic configurations — single-stage, turret, and progressive. They vary in purpose, complexity, and price. The place to begin with the purchasing decision is to evaluate your needs, budget, and skill level.  >>Learn more here

Objections to Reloading Ammo

Do you re-load your ammo?  Is it a good thing to do? Is it safe?  >>Learn more here

How Many Guns Do We Need?

I’m writing this article primarily for our female audience. It may help men understand us, perhaps, but it’s addressed to women. (And just maybe it will help men understand how to persuade us of something that they instinctively know.)  >>Learn more here

Semi-Automatic Handgun Basics – Part 1

After learning about revolvers, you’ll want to learn about semi-automatic handguns. Trust us – they’re not the horror you might think they are based on the media coverage. (Of course all guns are dangerous if not handled properly.) This article begins with instruction in what semi-automatic handguns are and what they’re not. It’s the place to start for a basic understanding. >>Learn more here

Personal Defense – Revolver Basics

If you’re like we were about a year ago, you know nothing about revolvers, handguns, semi-automatics or just about any other kind of gun! We’ve learned a lot in a year and we’re become proficient in skills we once would have never considered. Are you in the same place we were? >>Learn the basics of revolvers here.

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