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Take Control of Your Life 

This article isn’t for everyone. Hopefully, it’s not for you. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive. It’s about not accepting life as it is, but about having a vision for a better life and doing what it takes to make it happen. I’ve titled it “Take Control of Your Life.” Sandy thinks I should have titled it “Enjoy Your Life.” She might be right. Because that’s ultimately what it’s about.  >>Learn more here

Prepping improved My Life 

Non-preppers don’t get it. They think we’re wasting our time and our money. They think we live in constant fear of calamity. They think nothing will ever come of it and all of our preparations will be for nothing. I respectfully disagree, but for more reasons than might be apparent. Whether TEOTWAWKI occurs during my lifetime or not, prepping has improved my life in numerous significant ways.  >>Learn more here

SHTF: A Process or an Event?

The question “what are you prepping for” has just about been worn out. There is no shortage of threats in our world to be concerned about and to take steps to prepare for. Will you be ready when the “Stuff” Hits The Fan?   >>Read more here.

National Preparedness Month – Make it Work for You

Am I more prepared now than I was at this time last year? How can I take advantage of National Preparedness month? This article will help you answer both of these questions and more.  >>Learn more.

12 Prepping Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes

Work and life has exploded for us, and we haven’t had as much time for pepping as we would have liked. Perhaps your life gets crazy sometimes, too. During those times, your prepping efforts don’t need to come to a standstill. Here are some ideas for moving your prepping efforts forward when time is at a premium.  >>Learn more.

Essential Oils 101, Part 2

In this blog I’ll share the contents of my starter kit, my experience thus far, some of my personal recipes, and you’ll be able to download some helpful EO cards or information sheet. Enjoy! >>Learn more.

Essential Oils 101, Part 1

I’ve always thought of aromatherapy as nothing more than making your house smell good. In my ignorance I considered it a waste of time and money. I was having trouble sleeping and a friend gave me some lavender oil. She told me to rub a small amount on the bottom of my feet before I go to bed, then inhale the residual that was on my hands. Rub oil on your feet to help you sleep better? What kind of voodoo is this?  >>Learn more.

Holiday Prepping

In times of crisis, being able to maintain some degree of normalcy and tradition can go a long way to healing your spirit, and prepping this year could help you maintain that sense of normalcy  in years to come.  >>Read more here

Start a Prepper Notebook – Today!

A hard copy of your preparations will be especially helpful if and when your computer doesn’t work or can’t access the internet. Be sure to download the suggested Table of Contents page to help you get started! >>Read more here

The Importance of Scenario Thinking – Catastrophic Event Edition

Regardless of your reasons for prepping, “scenario thinking” can open your eyes to new situations you need to address, identify holes in your planning, or just help you re-prioritize where you are in your efforts. Here are just a couple of examples. As you read through each of them, pause to put yourself in the situation and consider what your actions would be.  >>Read more here

45 Experts Come Together to Offer Advice

45 prepper and survivalist experts were surveyed by The Organized Prepper asking this question: “What are the 3 most important items for a new prepper to get started with?” Phil was one of the experts surveyed! >>Learn more here

Too Good to Pass Up

A group of preparedness authors have banded together to offer a package deal of their books and instructional materials at a discount so deep it’s too good to pass up.  Discount price good until 9/23/2013  >>Learn more here

Places You Don’t Want to Be

I recently got an email which talked about four places you don’t want to be during a disaster. These are places that the unprepared flock to in order to address problems that they could have prepared themselves for far in advance.   >>Learn more here

Prepper Fatigue

Ignorance, Awareness, and Action. Ignorance is bliss, but it can get you killed. Awareness is enlightening, but it can also be frightening, The Action stage never ends. At some point, all this activity begins to wear you down and you discover Stage Four in the life of a prepper — Prepper fatigue.  >>Learn more here

Stages in the Life of a Prepper

Grief counselors often talk about the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Sounds like grief beats you into submission. What a buzzkill. My experience with prepping suggests that there are predictable stages in the life of a prepper, too:   >>Learn more here

Top 94 Items to Disappear First

I am easily overwhelmed by long lists and too many options. So let me offer some advice: Take the list and work through it as much as you can without being overwhelmed. Then make a plan of things you need to buy or learn. Then work your plan. >>Learn more.

Create Your Grab-N-Go Bags

Learn what and how much of it you need to have ready in case of an emergency.  >>Read here

72 Hour Emergency Kit – More

More details on what you need and where to find it.  >>Read here

72 Hour Emergency Kit – First Thoughts

What you will need for a short-term emergency lasting up to 72 hours.  >>Read here