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Eating Our Own Dog Food

In the couple of weeks leading up to Thanksgiving Day we’ve been eating our own dog food. Not literally, I’m happy to say. “Eating your own dog food”  is a slang expression meaning….   >>Learn more.

Dollar Store Prepping

Of all the articles that we’ve written, the one that is the most enduring favorite of our readers has been Grocery Store Prepping. Besides grocery stores, there are other vendors in our neighborhoods that can also serve up some pretty good preps, and many of them at discounted prices.  >>Learn more.

Let Food Survival Week Begin

During National Survival Month, we encouraged readers to identify a task they hoped to accomplish. I picked an easy task that had been on my list – create a menu to be used during the first month of a serious emergency and gather the needed recipes. >>Learn more.

Ultimate Food Preservation Resource Guide

Once in a while I stumble upon a free resource that’s so good I want to get it into the hands of all our readers.

I’m a snake-bitten skeptic. When I see superlatives like “ultimate” bandied about, my BS radar goes on full alert. But hey! It’s free, and you know what I always say — “If it’s for free, it’s for me!” So I punched the link for this so-called “ultimate resource guide” and loaded it. All nine pages of it. And that page count includes the front cover. Another over-blown pamphlet that calls itself an “ultimate guide”?  Not this time.   >>Learn more.

Prepping in a Vacuum

One of the keys to prepping is preserving the things that you already have to protect them and make them last longer. A great tool that I’ve found for helping to preserve stuff that I want to keep is a vacuum sealer>>Learn more.

Tasting & Judgement part 2-Mountain House vs. Food Insurance

Rouond 2 with a “David & Goliath” of the prepper food industry. We comapre eye appeal, preparation, nutrition and, of course, taste.   >>Read more about it here

Grocery Store Prepping

One of the preparations we’ve made that makes me feel more comfortable is having a well-stocked pantry. There are several types of foods that work well for this.   >>Read more about it here

Tasting & Judgement – Wise Foods vs. eFoods Direct

Here, we compare two of the major producers of food for long-term storage. How does the taste and appearance measure up?  >>Read more about it here

Salt – Critical for Long-Term Storage

Salt is so available today that it’s easy to overlook as an item that we should be stocking on our long-term food storage shelves. >>Read more about it here

2 Simple Rules of Food Storage

Rules make life easy. 2 simple rules make the development and implementation of your food storage plan even easier. Start your food storage plan here! >>Learn more

Food Storage 101: What Types of Food Should I Store for an Emergency?

This article discusses the pros and cons of the different types foods that can be a part of your food storage plan. You can’t develop a plan that is best for your family without considering the pros and cons of each type.  >>Learn more

Food Storage 101: What Types of Food Can I Store for an Emergency?

You can’t develop the best food storage plan for your family without first understanding what types of food can be stored.  >>Learn more

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