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Online Survival Summit, Jan 20-26 - The Approaching Day PrepperThe Approaching Day Prepper

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We’ve signed up for the Survival Summit and are really looking forward to it. Twenty-nine (at last count) survival and off-grid self-reliance experts will be giving workshops throughout the week. The best part – it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE! Yes, they will offer the recorded workshops for sale but if you watch while they’re available during the Summit they are free.

And OK, maybe free isn’t the best part. In fact, I’m guessing it isn’t. I’m guessing the best part will be all the great info we’ll get. But free means it’s no-risk to check it out.

When all is said and done, they will have provided more than 37 hours of survival training. Here’s how it works: Each day, about five workshops will be uploaded and made available to those registered for the Summit. You have 24 hours to watch the videos for free. They will then take them down and upload another five for the next day. So each day five new workshops are uploaded and available for viewing free during that 24-hour period. Throughout the Summit you’ll have the opportunity to purchase any you miss or want to have for future reference. I don’t know but I’m guessing they’ll offer the entire package at a great price.

So, sorry for the late info on this, but click on the link above or below and register today so you don’t miss any of the workshops. Oh – not sure you’ll like the topics available? Well, the topics range from  growing your own food to personal protection to fuel, housing and more. Check out the Schedule tab after you click on the link.


3 Responses to Online Survival Summit, Jan 20-26

    • It’s online! So you can participate from the comfort of your own PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Click on the link to register and they’ll send you a link to where you can watch the videos starting on Monday. Hope to “see” you there!

  • If one missed any part of “The Survival Summit”, 29 Survival Experts, Delivering 37+ Hours of Training In Post-Collapse Survival is it Available By Streaming …or… Download the COMPLETE Survival Summit Digital Package! Watch the entire Survival Summit, over and over, at your own speed. Even download it and burn it to DVD, so you’ll __Always__ have it! (Comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.) Get Your COMPLETE Survival Summit Digital Package Now… Here is the Link>>> http://www.SelfRelianceVideos.com Click the Tab to the Top Right Called “Recordings”. ____________(Did You Know???…When One Shares the Survival Summit Sign Up As An Affiliate and Receive $$$. Get the Details and Here is the Link>>> http://www.SelfRelianceVideos.com Click the Tab to the Top Right Called “Affiliates”. )

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