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Preparing for Recession

What would do if you had a strong impression that another recession was coming soon? What kinds of actions and changes would you take to weather the coming storm? >>Learn more.

Essential Oils Revolution Healthy Oil-Free and starting soon!

What will you do when medicine isn’t readily available? When SHTF happens,
you won’t be able to go to the corner drug store, hand them your insurance card and pick up your needed medications.   >>Learn more.

Breaking OpSec

Traditional thinking about OpSec (Operational Security) is that we should keep quiet about our preps. In a catastrophic event, the thinking goes, civil unrest immediately follows and those who don’t have food will steal – by force, if necessary – from people who do.  I agree with that…to a point. But I’ll get to that…   >>Read more here.

What I Didn’t Say on TV

When did you last have one of those “Doh!” moments? You know, one of those Homer Simpson slap-yourself-on-the-forehead, what-an-idiot-I’ve-been moments? Sometimes it’s because of something that you’ve said. More often it’s because of what you forgot to say.   >>Read more here.

SHTF: A Process or an Event?

The question “what are you prepping for” has just about been worn out. There is no shortage of threats in our world to be concerned about and to take steps to prepare for. Will you be ready when the “Stuff” Hits The Fan?   >>Read more here.

Your 15 Minutes Begins Now

Our humble little blog has attracted the attention of a television production company in New York City. They gave us their contact information and told us, “If you happen to know any exceptional self-reliance experts, instructors, students, or colleagues, feel free to pass it along to them as well.” Our loss could be your gain. You could be a TV star!   >>Read more here.

A Vacuum of Leadership

Has the world always been as fragile as it is right now? It seems like we’re on the tipping point for disaster in any of a number of areas: worldwide economic concerns, nuclear threats from the rogue nations of North Korea and Iran, ecological disasters, extreme weather, earthquakes and volcanic activity — the list goes on and on.  >>Read more here.

Lessons Learned from American Blackout

American Blackout, a two-hour made-for-TV movie, aired on National Geographic Channel recently. It was a dramatization of what could happen in the ten days following a nationwide electrical grid failure caused by a cyber attack. This is a very real threat.  >>Read more here.

Places You Don’t Want to Be

 I recently got an email which talked about four places you don’t want to be during a disaster. These are places that the unprepared flock to in order to address problems that they could have prepared themselves for far in advance.   >>Read it here.

China’s Empty Cities

The Chinese are manufacturing more than they consume. Just how good is this?   >>Read it here.

Y2K- Preparation for the Real Deal

Remember the Y2K excitement? Get ready for the REAL thing!  >>Read it here.

South Korea Hit by Cyber Attack

Cyber attacks are being recorded all over the world. Read about this attack on South Korea. >>Read it here.