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12 Prepping Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes - The Approaching Day PrepperThe Approaching Day Prepper

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Stopwatch showing 15 minutesWe’re sorry that you haven’t seen many blogs from us over the past couple of months. Well, any blogs actually. That’s because work and life has exploded for us and we’ve had to put The Approaching Day Prepper on the back shelf for a short time. But that doesn’t mean that our personal prepping efforts have stopped. We didn’t do all we would have liked, but we did more than nothing.

Perhaps your life gets crazy sometimes, too. During those times, your prepping efforts don’t need to come to a standstill. Here are some ideas for moving your prepping efforts forward when time is at a premium.

Build Prepping Into Your Everyday Shopping

  • Find a sale on something that you use a lot of? Stock up. It doesn’t take any longer to buy ten of them than it does two.
  • Perhaps it’s not on sale, but you can still buy two of some of the things on your shopping list – one for now and one for your storage shelves.
  • Add a case of bottled water to your cart.

Shop Online – Especially for Bulk Supplies

  • When placing an office supply order for our business, I add cases of toilet paper, facial tissues, and paper towels. We’ve been getting our stuff from Quill.com. (Watch for sales.) We get free shipping with two-day delivery. One day our whole front porch was filled with big boxes that weighed almost nothing! They packed one 20-pack of toilet paper in each carton. The shipping cartons are worth almost as much as their contents.

Do a Quick Project

  • Rotate the batteries in your battery charger. (You are using rechargeable batteries, aren’t you?)
  • Plan or prep a new storage area. We bought three new 5-shelf storage racks online a couple of months ago. We put them in a spare room on the second floor and started to move some of our food from the basement (which could flood if our sump pump failed) to the storage racks upstairs.
  • Write down some “lessons learned” from this year’s gardening season. What should you do better or differently? What would you like to try next year?

Learn Something

  • Stay up to date with a good prepper blog. www.SHTFblog.com is one of our favorites, but there are gobs of others. (Note to self: Post a blog about our favorite prepper websites.)
  • Spend some time researching your next major purchase. We’re looking at wood stoves and learning more about solar energy.
  • Find a new recipe for your long-term storage food and add it to your personal long-term food storage recipe book. (If you don’t have such a book, start one.)
  • Squeeze in some handgun dry-fire training time.
  • Practice some skills. How are you at tying knots? Or building a fire?

We all get pinched for time, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t cram some prepping tasks into a few minutes of down time. What ideas do you have? Drop us a note in the Comments section below.

12 Responses to 12 Prepping Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes

  • Methane Creator says:

    Welcome back. Great reminders to keep us from getting rusty. My lessons learned this first time gardening season is Deer can easily jump 5 foot fences to eat everything you plant. Will redo fencing this fall.

    • Thanks! It’s good to be back!

      Ugh – 5 foot fences and your garden gone. So sorry for you!

      We got our garden late for the same reason our blog has been sparce, but it’s grown well. Our biggest lesson learned is that this year we planted more than we should have in our square foot garden plots. Plants are climbing all over reach other and they’re pulling our cages & trellises over. Next year we’ll follow the guidelines and not over-plant.

    • Aubryn says:

      If you live anywhere near major fishing, torn nets are free for the asking. You can simply drape over posts tall enough to walk under. Works. That and get a dog, three preferably.

  • JJ says:

    Add a case of bottled water to your cart????
    (just get a Berkey and save some money; used half gallon or gallon jugs, like Simply Juice and vinegar, fillled with tap water filtered)
    They packed one 20-pack of toilet paper in each carton.??
    (and you aren’t paying for that cardboard in the price of TP–I buy Angel Soft when on sale, a double 24 roll for $9)
    Battery chargers?? (awesome, but be wary of the solar battery chargers–in my neck of the woods, chemtrails rob our sun and I get a 40 reading; it requires a 120 reading for real charging)
    Storage in basement–(did you ever think to lift on concrete blocks–not perfect, but may help if small flood from hard rains)
    Solar energy would not benefit in this state–we have days without sunlight.
    I need no new recipe book–most things in my recipes are in the storage room. Those recipes calling for fresh pineapple, sour cream, cream cheese will just have to wait till society is back to normal; maybe never.

    • Hi JJ,

      Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and respond. You’ve got some great suggestions – I don’t disagree with any of them. At the same time, I think the suggestions in the blog are valid.

      For example, we have a Berkey filter but find that having a case of bottled water is great convenience – for now and as a first day’s supply during an emergency. (Anything that makes life easier on that first day sounds like a good thing to me.)

      Yeah, that toilet paper thing is crazy – but Quill regularly has promotions similar to $40 off purchases over $100. I take a minute to comparison shop, then buy. It’s convenient & time saving.

      Good idea about basement storage. We’re choosing to put storage that won’t be damaged by flood in the basement and move damageable storage upstairs.

      My recipe book comments were related to finding recipes for using your long-term food storage. I also have tons of recipes that won’t work when life goes haywire. I’m always on the lookout for recipes that use dehydrated/freeze-dried food and other items on my long-term food storage shelves. If I need to live on it, I want to know how to cook with it.

    • Matt Cole says:

      Now that is interesting. I have been watching the chemtrails, but have not equated it with reducing the solar panel efficiency.

  • Bret says:

    Just thought I’d mention we purchased and installed a Bakers Choice Amish wood stove last year. It is well-built and works flawlessly! Just be aware the stovepipe cost 1.5 times the cost of the stove…

    • Bret,
      Yeah, that stovepipe/chimney will kill you, won’t it? Sandy and I have wrestled with this decision for over a year and we’re about to pull the trigger on something. Our decision has been made, and I’ll be reporting on it here soon. There were trade-offs involved, but there was no perfect solution for our situation. More on that later. Watch this space!

  • Loog says:

    Great article and also great COMMENTS. I like your website. Newest recipe-
    Goulash. Brown 1 pound of ground meat (which is up to you) with 1 cup of diced Zuchini squash and 1 diced Bell pepper and a liberal amount of cumin. After browning, add 1 pint of spaghetti sauce and 1 cup of water.
    In the meantime, boil up some macaroni or ziti. Add your meat mixture and enjoy. Zuchini is the easiest veggie to grow (even I can do it) or you can buy them. Green or red peppers are easy to find, and you can use tomato powder from your preps instead of spaghetti sauce.

  • Carol says:

    Kiaora from NZ. Just a couple of tips … we saved a years worth of used tea bags. Dried them out, soaked them in kerosene and dried them out again. Excellent fire starters and you can fit hundreds in a bag or large lidded container. Also for any NZ preppers reading this, consider planting a “pukapuka” plant. Also known as ” bushmans friend “. Grows fast like a weed and up to 7 ft tall. Native to NZ. Huge soft furry leaves. Will give you an endless supply of toilet paper and can also be used as notepaper or poultices. Am experimenting at present with my solar oven so wil keep saving recipies. Loving this site.

    • Thanks so much Kiaora! I’m glad you’re liking the site. And I’m loving that you’re writing us from NZ about things unique to your country. I’ve been wanting a solar oven but we haven’t bought one yet. We bought our first solar item yesterday – to backup our pellet stove. More on that in a future blog I’m sure.

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