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In accordance with the new guidelines from the FTC, we are required to inform you that some of the links on this blog/website, either through images, text, or audio anywhere throughout this website, are in fact affiliate marketing links. If you purchase products as a result of clicking on these links and visiting the advertiser's site, we get paid a commission on the purchase. The amount of commission varies from product to product. We appreciate the support you provide to us through shopping with our vendors through these affiliate links. We carefully select the advertisers we include on this site based on the appropriateness of the types of products that they sell, and in many instances our own personal experiences with the vendors or their products. We DO NOT make recommendations for products or services of these vendors based on the commission that we might earn from sales of their products, but because of our conviction that these or similar products would be beneficial for our readers.

Header-ForSquareGraphicGreat questions!

About Us
You’ll find the more interesting version of our stories here. The short of it is that we’ve become convinced that the world is a fragile place and we don’t see it tipping toward stability. We don’t want to be unaware or caught unprepared for future challenges. Making preparations now gives us some assurance that we will have things like food, shelter, and heat whenever life-as-we-know-it changes significantly. And the more we prepare now, the more we’ll have to share with others later.

Are we putting our hope and trust in these things? No. Our hope and trust is in Jesus. But we believe that He’s made us aware for a reason – so that we can prepare wisely. So we are preparing. And we’re sharing our knowledge with others. We’re not experts. In fact, in some areas we’re just getting started. Perhaps that makes us uniquely suited to create such a site – we understand where the prepper newbie is coming from.

If you’d like more on the question “Why prep?” check out these two articles:

About Our Site
Welcome! We’re just launching the site, so there’s a lot of content that is planned, but not yet in place. You’ll see that the menus have many, many pages identified. Not all of those pages have content yet. We’re working on it! We’ll be blogging about twice a week as we fill the site. We also hope to have a “Prepper U” page that takes newbies (and not so newbies) from prepper kindergarten through graduation. But that’s still just on the drawing board. In the meantime, browse around the site and check out the content. Let us know what else you’d like to see or the topics you’d like us to blog about first.

We’ll also be letting you in on specials, sales, and deals by various vendors we’ve used or who have a good reputation. As with everything else in life, prepping takes time and money. Our goal is to help you save both. We’ll do the research so you don’t have to and we’ll let you know when things go on sale.

Wondering how to approach our site? I can understand that. We’ve had quite a challenge organizing it.

  • If you’re brand new to prepping:
    • Go to the Getting Started page and you’ll find an article titled Prepping for Beginners.
    • Then head to the article titled How do I Begin in the Getting Started section.
    • Don’t miss the section titled Proverbs for Preppers – you’ll find Christian studies and devotionals related to prepping.
    • From there, roam around the site reading about anything that peaks your interest or needs.
  • If you’ve been prepping for awhile:
    • You’ll probably want to head directly to the Prepping Topics area. This is the heart of this website. You’ll find articles and blogs about many topics, with more on the way.
    • Check out the Proverbs for Preppers – you’ll find Christian studies and devotionals related to prepping.

About You
We hope you’ll visit often. Sign up to receive our blogs by email so that you don’t miss any. If you find the information helpful, we hope you’ll share it with a friend. And we’d love to hear from you. What areas of prepping would like to learn about?

We welcome your comments.

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