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“If it’s for free, it’s for ME!” Those are words that I live by. That’s one of the reasons why I’m such a big fan of the Amazon Kindle e-book reader. There are tons of free books available for the Kindle. Don’t own a Kindle? No problem. Amazon has free Kindle software that will allow you to read Kindle-formatted books on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Sandy and I both own Kindle devices, but we also use the free Kindle apps on all the other devices. Your Kindle account and library can be shared by several different devices, so all of your books can be available to you on every device. You can also share an account with family members or others. Click here to link to the Kindle app download page so you can tap into the treasure trove of free books.

The reason for this blog posting is that last night I found a bunch of good looking free Kindle books. A word of caution here: Kindle books that are free right now might not be free tomorrow. Authors will sometimes make their book free for a short time to bump their rankings on Amazon, then switch it back to the retail price. That’s why if you’re a freebie skimmer like I am, you have to look at what’s available for free frequently, because it’s always changing. And for any book that you think is free, you need to make sure that it still says, “Kindle Price: $0.00”.

With that said, here are links to a number of interesting looking books I found in the Kindle freebie bin last night that had some bearing on prepping:

Prepping 101: A Beginner’s Survival Guide. 90 pages. Retail price $8.99

Modern Rustic Greenhouses and Gardening: A Homesteader Guidebook. 77 pages. Retail price $2.99

Jerky: The Ultimate Recipe Guide. 66 pages. Retail price $12.99

Growing and Cooking Your Own Herbs. 82 pages. Retail price $2.99

Things Mother Used to Make — A Collection of Old-Time Recipes. 120 pages. Retail price $7.58

50 Natural Remedies to Prevent and Heal Everyday Sicknesses. 31 pages. Retail price $2.99

Tabletop Aquaponics. 74 pages. Retail price $2.99

Container Gardening: Secrets for the No thumbs Gardener. 31 pages. Retail price $2.99

Backyard Vegetable Gardening in Winter. 47 pages. Retail price $12.99

Hunting with the Bow & Arrow. 181 pages. Retail price $6.99

The Big Book of Camp Cooking. 134 page. Retail price $3.99

I haven’t actually read any of these books. They might be worth exactly what I paid for them. But sometimes the best things in life are free.