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Prepping improved My Life 

Non-preppers don’t get it. They think we’re wasting our time and our money. They think we live in constant fear of calamity. They think nothing will ever come of it and all of our preparations will be for nothing. I respectfully disagree, but for more reasons than might be apparent. Whether TEOTWAWKI occurs during my lifetime or not, prepping has improved my life in numerous significant ways.  >>Learn more here

Holiday Prepping in a Can

Traditions ground us – they define who we are and connect us to community. The community may be present or may be miles away, and it may be large or small. So what would you need to survive emotionally when a special time comes around?  >>Learn more here

Staying Grounded in the Midst of Chaos

As preppers, we believe that is highly likely that life as we know it is going to be interrupted – it’s going to go crazy. We might not agree on what will cause that craziness, but we prepare so that when it happens we’re among the less crazy people.  >>Learn more here

A Minister of the Gospel Wrestles with the Concept of Using Lethal Force in Self Defense

What does the Bible have to say about self defense? Could I use lethal force with a clear conscience?

>>Learn more here

Celebrating the 4th – Turning to God

Remember how and why our nation was founded and that in other countries the freedoms we take for granted do not exist, but are rather persecuted.  >>Read here to be blessed and inspired

Our Hope is in God

When we consider all we could be doing to prepare for a time when the world is very different from today with what we have done, it’s easy to become fearful. That’s when we remember that our hope is in God, not in our preparations. Here’s a testimony about how God is providing by multiplying the farming efforts of poor villagers in Mozambique. If He can do it for them, He can do it for us when the time is needed. >>Read here to be blessed and inspired

Spiritual Needs
NIV Paperback Bibles