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Prepare for any emergency with a long-term, storable food supply from eFoodsDirect.

If you haven’t started to prep yet, food is a pretty good place for many people to start. It’s something that we all understand our need for. While a good case could be made that our more urgent need is for water storage, I’m convinced that anyone who gets serious about socking some extra food away for a rainy day will come around to seeing their need to have a supply of safe water on hand with which to do a lot of their cooking.

This page won’t be updated often, but it’s the title page for our other food-related prepping topics. Use the menu above to drill down to the sub-topics for food. These sub-topic pages will be our archive for all our articles on:

  • Long-Term Food Storage: Store-bought and homemade canned foods, dehydrated foods, freeze-dried foods, and product reviews related to all of these items.
  • Cooking Techniques: Sure, you know how to boil water now, but how will you do it when the power goes off? There are a lot of different off-the-grid stoves, ovens, grills, cookware, etc. that we will be exploring in this section in the days to come.
  • Recipes: Not just ours, but hopefully a whole bunch that you share with us, too. How do you use your long-term food storage ingredients and off-the-grid cooking techniques to whip up tasty and healthy meals? Take a peek here.
  • Gardening: In emergency situations, grocery store shelves get picked clean pretty quickly. We all need to learn how to grow some of the food that we eat. This is a skill set that most people had back in our grandparents’ day. Everything old is becoming new again. Skills that had gone by the wayside will be in high demand.
  • Hunting & Fishing: Truth time — I don’t know anything about these topics. But since I can’t grow perch or venison in my garden, I might need to learn something about hunting and fishing. Your help with this section would be greatly appreciated.
  • Raising Animals: Another topic where I draw a total blank, but I know that some of you have chicken coops (there could be one in my future!), goats, cattle and other food animals. What can the rest of us do to become more self-reliant in this area?
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